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New Years’ [Low] Resolution

December 31, 2016 0

We had only been dating for a couple of days when New Years’ Eve came around.  Some of Aaron’s friends had tickets to go to a comedy club that evening and had invited us to go along.  He picked me up and we drove to downtown Orlando to go see the comedy show, and that’s where I met Monica, Ryan, and John. They were all really cool to be hanging out with.  Monica had a few drinks at the show and started taking creeper pictures of Aaron and me across the table (see below) and we got a couple pictures all together too.

After the show we decided to all go to Ryan and Monica’s house to watch the ball drop and welcome in the new year.  Ryan decided to ride with us, while Monica and John travelled separately.  Once we got into the car, Aaron decided to ask if he could bring me as his plus one to Ryan’s wedding… the wedding that was a little over a year away.  I still don’t know if Ryan said it to appease Aaron or if he really had that much faith in our very new relationship, but I like to think it was a little of both because Ryan said he would be happy for me to be Aaron’s date to the wedding.

We finally got to their house and a few more friends had joined after the comedy club. We counted down with the out-of-sync streaming of New York and at “midnight” Aaron kissed me for our first New Year together.  It turned out to be a pretty great year.

[EDITOR: Blame Monica’s old Android phone for the low resolution on these photos.]


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