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Fantastic Dates and Where to Find Them

December 11, 2016 by Ashley0

Aaron — after meeting me and then not talking to me for two weeks — finally gained the courage to ask me out. Well… sort of ask me out. He told me he wanted to go see the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, but none of his friends would go with him to see it because they already had. He asked if I wanted to go see it, and despite already seeing it twice, I told him I’d be happy to go see it a third time.

We accidentally ran into each other outside of the Starbucks at Disney Springs as we were both on our way to the movie theatre, so that gave us a little extra time before the movie to talk some more about nerdy stuff. Aaron was absolutely beside himself that I had seen How I Met Your Mother and proceeded to tell me all about his ‘secret’ Instagram account where he dressed in a ducky tie for his old job every day for a year (He pretends like he’s embarrassed by it, but he loves it… and it’s kind of cute).

After a while, the movie started and I spent a bit of it explaining deep Harry Potter lore that Aaron didn’t know (we’ll definitely be fixing that before Fantastic Beasts 2) because even though he claimed he wanted to go see the movie, he really wanted to see me and needed an excuse after not talking to me for two weeks.

We spent a little while walking around Disney Springs after the movie talking about it and Disney stuff, and then he offered to walk me to my car. I didn’t let him since it was the opposite direction of his car and it seemed silly for him to walk all that way. And that’s the story of our first date… which I didn’t know was a date until much later.


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