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Along the Way


January 17, 2017 0

This was possibly the most unique date day I we’ve ever had.  I probably cashed in all my creativity points way too early on, in the relationship.

Artegon Marketplace was scheduled to close by Spring, and it was the “in” spot for all the cool hipster Instagram pictures.  I’d visited once with Ryan and, after seeing everything there was to offer, decided it was the perfect place to impress treat Ashley.  First, I introduced her to the nearby Burger 21 (I’d be so overweight and penniless if I lived nearer to that place), and then we headed to the ‘anti-mall’.

First we caught La La Land, which I’m not sure why we don’t yet own on Blu Ray (BRB – adding it to the registry), and then I cornered her into a game of chess.  I had to make sure she could hang — you know?  She was pretty good!  After that, it was in to the “hurricane” machine, but it didn’t blow us away.  (I’ll stop.)  Then we the fun part — we went to ride


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